How Researchers will use Your Donation

Medical research is key to finding a cure for brain cancer. 

The Federal Government's Brain Cancer Mission aims to double brain cancer survival rates in 10 years and improve the quality of life of people living with brain cancer. Projects funded by the MHF Scientific Committee align with this mission. Our research committee has taken part in the US/Australia Moonshot Cancer Roundtable in Canberra, ensuring alignment of our projects to international research goals.

Mark Hughes Foundation Scientific Committee 
Priority Funding Needs 2020

Brain cancer patients need a game changer. Through innovation and teamwork researchers will find the answers desperately needed to improve the outcomes for patients. 

For the 2019 Beanies for Brain Cancer Round, building on the research base Mark Hughes Foundation supporters built over the past 5 years, the MHF Scientific Committee undertook a nationwide search for the best innovative ideas with the best chance of a big breakthrough from Australia’s medical research community.

This search was so successful we’ve decided to run another nationwide search for the most innovative ideas in brain cancer research for the 2020 Beanies for Brain Cancer Round.

In the last round we funded grants researching immunotherapy, novel combination therapies and imaging. The Committee were excited with the quality of thought and collaboration evident across the country. These research teams are already on the job, with the new collaborations between research programs and institutes showing great potential.

The next breakthrough could come from one of these areas or from another area of focus. The MHF Scientific Committee will consider all ideas for the 2020 Beanies for Brain Cancer Innovation Grant Round but are particularly looking for projects that bring new ideas and bring people together to collaborate.

The next funding round will open in August, and we will get the teams working by the end of the year on finding the answers all brain cancer patients need.

“We wanted to award funding to big thinkers who could knuckle down and tackle this insidious disease, the cure is out there.” Professor Stephen Ackland, Chair Mark Hughes Scientific Committee.

Your participation and donations to the Mark Hughes Foundation will make this possible!
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The current pandemic has brought into daily view the critical importance of medical research. With the overwhelming need for research into COVID-19, coronaviruses, and future pandemics funding for other critical areas may be diverted and reduced. As such, the need for support for funding from The Mark Hughes Foundation is now more critical than ever to maintain continuity and momentum for brain cancer research.

No matter how big or small your donation, you want to know that researchers will use it in the best way possible. Medical research is expensive, but it saves lives. Funding medical research is how we can look to a future where brain cancer patients have much improved treatments and positive long-term health outcomes and one day – a cure.

Your donation large or small helps in many ways:

  • $50 –  biobank blood collection tubes
  • $150 – laboratory consumables for one week for a PhD student
  • $500 – one pipette - a vital laboratory tool for researchers
  • $6000 – medical researchers can gather brain cancer cells for investigation for new treatments
  • $100,000 – allows researchers to collect and store tumours and blood matched with clinical data in the biobank, important for assessing why treatments fail or work (for one year)
  • $200,000 plus – for developing new drug therapies
  • $500,000 plus – for testing new drugs and therapies in patients