Your donation will provide help and hope to people with Brain Cancer

Medical research is key to finding a cure for brain cancer. 

Funds raised to date have made great inroads into brain cancer research.  With the help of our incredible supporters from all over Australia and even overseas, we’ve been able to uncover innovative approaches to brain cancer treatment including immunotherapy, novel combination therapies and imaging. This work continues with some really positive potential showing.

But we can’t stop there. More research is urgently needed to improve the outlook for brain cancer patients – who are often in the prime of their lives or are only children. 

In this fight against brain cancer we believe that partnerships are key. We don’t have time to start again, so we want to build on the amazing work that has already been done and reach for new heights. 

In 2021 we will team up to take brain cancer research to the next level.

The success of the Mark Hughes Foundation has been in good people coming together to do good things. In 2021, we will extend that concept into our approach to supporting research. We will bring the best people together to collaborate on a common goal – a cure.

We all know medical research is expensive and usually slow. But through COVID-19 we’ve seen just what is possible when there is an urgent need.

Brain cancer is an urgent need.  There are men, women and children all over Australia and the world who need our help now.

Your donation, not matter how big or small, will help. From purchasing lab equipment to funding research positions with a single focus – curing brain cancer.

Click here to donate now, and help to tackle brain cancer.

Brain cancer patients often speak of feeling alone. Your donation will show them they are not. Together, we can be the team they need.