How Your Donation will be Used

The Federal Government's Brain Cancer Mission's aim is to double brain cancer survival rates in 10 years. Projects funded by the MHF Scientific Committee align with this mission. Our research committee has recently taken part in the US/Australia Moonshot Cancer Roundtable in Canberra, ensuring international alignment also.

Mark Hughes Foundation Scientific Committee 
Priority Funding Needs 2019

Brain cancer patients need a game changer. It will be through innovation and teamwork that researchers will find that answers desperately needed to improve the outcomes for patients. 

Building on the research base Mark Hughes Foundation supporters have built over the past 5 years, a nationwide search will take place at the competition of this year’s Beanies for Brain Cancer Round. We will fund new ideas that bring together research teams across the
country and invest in them to give us the best chance of a big breakthrough.

All ideas will be considered as part of this search.

Immunotherapy is thought to have the promise for a breakthrough in brain cancer treatments. The Mark Hughes Foundation Scientific committee are encouraging teams to work together to present their ideas in this identified priority area. In the space of 7 years immunotherapy research in other areas of cancer have resulted in new treatment options for patients, this is what we hope to achieve in brain cancer patients.

The Committee were excited with the quality of thought and collaboration evident across the country in the last funding round. Those research teams are already on the job, with new collaborations between research programs and institutes showing great potential.
The next funding round will open in August, at the competition of the beanie round and we will get the teams working by the end of the year on finding the answers all brain cancer patients need.

“We wanted to award funding to big thinkers who could knuckle down and tackle this insidious disease, the cure is out there.” Professor Stephen Ackland, Chair Mark Hughes Scientific Committee

Your participation and donations to the Mark Hughes Foundation will make this possible!
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No matter how big or small your donation, you want to know that it is going to be used in the best way possible! Medical research is expensive but it saves lives. Funding medical research is how we can look to a future where brain cancer patients have much improved treatments and positive long term health outcomes and one day - a cure.

Your donation large or small helps in many ways:

  • $50 -  biobank blood collection tubes
  • $150 - laboratory consumables for one week for a PHD student (gloves, dry ice, sharps containers, syringes, GHS labels, petri dishes, etc)
  • $500 - one pipette - a vital laboratory tool for researchers
  • $6000 - medical researchers can gather brain cancer cells for investigation for new treatments
  • $20,000 - medical researchers can begin development of new drug therapies for brain cancer treatment
  • $50,000 - medical researchers can develop new treatment and drug therapies ready for clinical trials in patients
  • $100,000 funds a medical research team for 3 months to continue development