Introducing Jennifer Fleming - MHF Research Development Coordinator

Jenn’s is the first role recruited into the research team established through our $7.5 million dollar philanthropic commitment to The University of Newcastle. Jenn will be a key member of the team, supporting the Mark Hughes Foundation Chair in Brain Cancer.

Jenn is an Alumnus of the University of Newcastle, and holds a PhD in Public Policy and Regulation (University of Queensland), completing her Doctoral Thesis on 'Biobanks: Perspectives of Professionals, Tissue Donors and the Public on Tissue Banks and the related Ethical and Legal Challenges of Consent, Linkage and Disclosure of Results.

Jenn is passionate about the role of community engagement in translating knowledge into action and embedding translational research into clinical practice.

Much of Jenn's work has focused on community engagement in translational (T1-T3) cancer research by promoting the role of cancer patients and research participants/ biobank donors as active contributors to informing policy direction and evidence based approaches to improving clinical practice and, ultimately, delivering cures for cancer.

Her primary fields of research interest include cancer, biobanks, clinical trials and novel therapies, the intersection of mental health and cancer, monitoring and reporting of serious adverse events in clinical research and supporting clinicians' complex clinical decision making.

‘I’m thrilled to the moon and beyond to join our brilliant partnership with Team MHF, Kirralee and Mark and wider brain cancer community as Research Development Co-ordinator with the College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing at The University of Newcastle.

Engaging with the wider brain cancer community – particularly patients and their families as active contributors along with the MHF Brain Cancer Care Coordinators, clinician researchers and the wider research community, will translate knowledge into action: bringing about better and sustainable care, better treatments and better chance of cure(s). Together we will do great work, deliver on all we set out to achieve and much more!’

We are so excited to welcome Jenn and look forward to updating you in the future of her great work.


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