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To date, in our fight against brain cancer, the Foundation has raised over $20 million funded a Brain Cancer Biobank, Travel Grants Program, 10 research projects (including 2 Fellowships) and multiple Brain Cancer Care Coordinators! Here is where we can show you the results of that funding. Drop in here from time to time to see how your donations do make a difference. Together we can tackle brain cancer!

An update on partnership with the University of Newcastle

The first role to be recruited into this team will be The Research Development Coordinator...

The AIM BRAIN Project

Recent advances in technology have shown that the traditional ways of classifying brain tumours were only telling part of the...

UON and MHF partnership

Mark Hughes Foundation makes $7.5 million funding commitment to the University of Newcastle accelerating brain cancer research.

Mind Over Matter: Confronting Challenges in Post-Mortem Brain Biobanking for Glioblastoma Multiforme

The Mark Hughes Foundation Brain Biobank is one of the first post-mortem adult brain banks in Australia to operate with...


Medical researchers from around Australia, along with people impacted by brain cancer, will benefit from the research grants announced by...

Funds support new brain cancer investigation

Dr Bardy has successfully obtained three years’ funding for a new brain cancer research project

Breathing Space app

Researchers at the University of Newcastle want to hear about your experiences of caring or supporting a loved one with...

2020 Innovation Grants Round

Applications for the 2020 Round close at 5pm on the 14th September 2020.

MHF Fellowship - Dr Mike Fay

Dr Mike Fay has just finished a 3-year Fellowship supported by the Mark Hughes Foundation

Brain Cancer Awareness - Brain Donation

Cassandra Griffin, Manager at the Hunter Cancer Biobank, talks about Brain Donation