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This Foundation - The Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) - is a Non-Profit, Health Promotion Charity that my wife Kirralee and I began in 2014, after I was diagnosed with brain cancer. We began the Foundation when we realised how underfunded brain cancer was in Australia in comparison to other cancers. The lack of funding meant very little research into treatments or cures for brain cancer and, as a result, not much has changed in the shocking brain cancer mortality rates over the past 30 years.

We had no idea when we started our Foundation and set about raising funds for some much needed research, the incredible amount of support we would receive from people everywhere.
To date the Foundation has raised over $20 million and funded; a Brain Cancer Biobank, Travel Grants, multiple research projects around Australia including three Fellowships and multiple Brain Cancer Care Coordinators. Amazing! And all thanks to our supporters and our tireless volunteers.

Ultimately research means better outcomes for brain cancer patients but research is expensive - so we will continue to make it our priority to raise funds and ensure those funds get to where they are needed most. Our Foundation is a very small organisation that runs mostly on the generosity of our supporters and some community grants which allows us to keep the running costs to a bare minimum so that one day, maybe in my lifetime, together, we will find a cure for brain cancer.

Join our tribe… we believe anything is possible!

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You can read more about Mark's story here.

About the MHF

This Foundation - The Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) - is a Non-Profit, Health Promotion Charity that my wife, Kirralee, and I began in 2014 after I was first diagnosed with brain cancer.

Mark's Story

I don't put things off anymore. If you want to do something, or achieve something do it now, don't wait... get out the good china - today!

About Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children, and adults aged under 40 in Australia*, yet alarmingly very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how it is treated!

Our Partners

The Mark Hughes Foundation is on a mission to help find a cure for brain cancer through research. But we can’t dream of doing this alone. That’s why our partners are vital to the work of the Foundation and its goals.

How Your Money has Helped

No matter how big or small your donation, you want to know that it is going to be used in the best way possible! Here's how we have made use of your donations to tackle brain cancer so far.

Your donation will provide help and hope to people with Brain Cancer

Medical research is key to finding a cure for brain cancer.
Funds raised to date have made great inroads into brain cancer research. With the help of our incredible supporters from all over Australia and even overseas, we’ve been able to uncover innovative approaches to brain cancer treatment including immunotherapy, novel combination therapies and imaging.