Leave a Gift in your Will

After providing for your family and friends, you may be considering how to support the Mark Hughes Foundation.

By leaving a gift in your will to the MHF you can be sure you will have left a lasting impression on this world. Whether it's a few hundred dollars or thousands, every dollar will go to finding a cure for brain cancer and will help save lives.


Gifts can take many forms -

  • the residue or percentage of the Estate;
  • a specific amount of money;
  • a life insurance or superannuation policy;
  • assets such as shares, property, works of art or jewellery;
  • an investment in perpetuity.

You may wish to consult your solicitor, trustee company or the Public Trustee regarding the wording. Here is some suggested wording and details you may need.

I give [insert $ amount] OR [insert asset description] OR [insert percentage of the residue/whole of my estate] to Mark Hughes Foundation Limited ABN 17 622 847 376 of PO Box 417 Hamilton NSW 2303, for it to apply such bequest in accordance with its purposes. The receipt of the Treasurer, a Director or the Company Secretary of Mark Hughes Foundation Limited for the time being is a sufficient discharge to my Executor in respect of the gift to Mark Hughes Foundation Limited under this clause.