Ritchies Community Benefits

Fundraising through Richie's Supermarket

Our Fundraising Partner Ritchies IGA are launching their new Ritchies App, incorporating the Community Benefit Program with savings for members and money donated to charities of choice.

We would really appreciate all supporters who shop at Richies to please renominate MHF as your charity of choice.

It's a small act with a big impact - to help fund life-saving cancer research.

You can download the Apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play store or by scanning on the below:


Other Upcoming Events

Hosted by MHF

Return and Earn

You can help raise funds by donating your Return and Earn refund directly to the MHF.

Supporter Event

SWYSH - Personalised Video Messages

Visit Swysh to order a personalised video message from the biggest stars in the NRL and support MHF!

Hosted by MHF

Entertainment Digital Membership

Order your Entertainment Membership and in doing so support the MHF.

Supporter Event

Mulletfest On Tour

Mulletfest is a special event design to celebrate the hairstyle that’s all about business at the front, party at the back.

Supporter Event

Ridin 4 Mates

A group of mates riding to raise funds in memory of Dale Harris & Mick Ford.