Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help us tackle brain cancer.


Just about anyone can hold a fundraiser for the MHF - from a morning tea or movie night to a golf day or trek around Australia. Maybe the kids want to help raise some funds and have fun while they’re at it! Don’t forget to get approval before you...


You can simply make a one-off donation or a regular gift that can be deducted monthly from your account. You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one. Remember every dollar helps in the fight against brain cancer.


Dive right in and sign up to become an MHF volunteer.

There are a range of important tasks our volunteers tackle... from beanie dispatching and envelope stuffing, to selling merchandise and helping set up at events! We are a small organisation and we wouldn't be able to do what...

Workplace Giving

You could arrange a payroll deduction at your workplace - imagine if every Australian donated $1 a week to the fight against brain cancer! We could kick some serious brain cancer butt!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a payroll deduction.

Beanie for Brain Cancer

Every June the MHF hold a national Beanie for Brain Cancer event. We invite you to host a beanie day at your work, school or home and invite others to come along, wear a beanie and donate - its that easy! Check it out.


By naming the Mark Hughes Foundation as a beneficiary in your will you can be sure you will have left lasting impression on this world. Whether its a few hundred dollars or thousands every dollar will go to finding a cure for brain cancer and will help save lives.

Partner With Us

We aim high because money provides research and research saves lives. Unfortunately research is expensive. Lives hang in the balance while our researchers search for a cure or an option to prolong life with quality. Our corporate sponsors can make a big impact so talk to us today and see...

Share Your Story

With so many Australians suffering from brain cancer in silence - it is important that everyone hears your story. The reality of diagnosis treatment and dealing with the loss of loved ones from babies to grandparents is heartbreaking. Your stories help us show the world this is more than statistics...

Support an Event

You can help us raise funds for life saving research by getting involved in other MHF events - visit our events page to see how. Join a run, walk, high tea, golf day or beanie day event - there a lots of supporter events coming up that you can get...

Use your voice

Become an advocate for the Mark Hughes Foundation. Tell people about what we do, invite them to your events, ask them to support your Beanie Day and tell them about the 1787 people diagnosed with brain cancer each year and the shocking underfunding of research. Join our tribe, lend us...