2022 Beanies Revealed!

Our fresh new 2022 Beanies can now be revealed... don’t you just love them?

2022 beanies revealed

Like a warming cup of hot chocolate by an open fire on a chilly winter’s day - our banded beanie (left of image) is snuggly and inviting! The tritone knit features a wide trim emblazoned with script to proudly show your support and combines peach and caramel bands with a soft, pink marshmallow trim and pom pom.

Our monotone beanie (right) is understatedly cool whilst incredibly warm. This all-rounder is double-layered rib stitch in creamy latte boasting chocolate coloured MHF embroidery on the wide trim to show your support. You can’t go wrong with this classic beanie whether a gift, or for yourself. Perfect to wear to the NRL Beanie Round, sideline at the netball, or in the snowfields.

But... they’re not on sale just yet!

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on the hottest item for winter this year… so hang tight… from 1st June you can order them via our MHF website. If you just can’t wait - IGA and Lowes have an EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE from 30th May – so make sure you get into one of your local participating stores and grab your beanie while stocks last!


What is a “Beanieficiary”?

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