Media Release: The Mark Hughes Foundation announces $2 million Brain Cancer Innovation Grant Round

A simple decision to purchase a $25 beanie could be the game changing move desperately needed to improve outcomes for...

Donate to the Mt Kilimanjaro Trek

Donate here to the Mt Kilimanjaro Trek and help fund the new brain cancer care coordinator position for 2019.


ALL 2019 MHF BEANIES OFFICIALLY SELL OUT. In a powerful display of unity, Australians have rallied behind the Mark...

Media Release: Beanie for Brain Cancer Round 2019

The Mark Hughes Foundation will invite the rugby league community to join them on the quest to fight Brain Cancer...

The strongest man in the world

Take a moment to read Maddy Callanders very personal story about her dad Matt - ‘the strongest man in the...

2019 NRL Beanie Round

Dates, venues and ticketing information for the 2019 NRL Beanie Round July 25 - July 28.

Use your phone for good!

Now you can simply text "BEANIE" to 199 88 211 to make a $5 donation and help us tackle brain...

The Man Challenge

Adam MacDougall teams up with MHF once again to help tackle Brain Cancer

“Magic Beanies” 2019 campaign

“Magic Beanies” - this year’s Mark Hughes Foundation “Beanie for Brain Cancer” campaign - kicks off this Saturday, June 1st,...

Funding Helping Families

Meet Grace and Sam Bates who are taking part in this year's Beanie for Brain Cancer Campaign. Watch the Fox...

Brain Cancer Biobank

Here at the MHF we are very proud of the work of the Brain Cancer Biobank explained here by Biobank...


Craig Gedye is one of the researchers involved in the Multi-Arm GlioblastoMa Australasia (MAGMA) trial which the Mark Hughes Foundation...

Oh what a feeling!

Congratulations to Anthony Saab who was the winner a Toyota Hilux valued at over $63,000!

Sneak Peek of 2019 Beanie!

Even though the 2019 MHF beanies don't go on sale 'til June 1st... We just couldn't wait any longer to...

WIN a Toyota HiLux!

Win a Toyota HiLux as part of the 2019 Matt Callander Race Day. Tickets are $1000 each and there are...

What a day for a knight!

Find out the story behind the "Magic Beanies" campaign and why chain mail is not a glamorous fashion accessory!


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