How lucky we are

It was a great afternoon on Saturday being part of the Men’s Health Day at the Yoga Loft in Newcastle. Being a proud ambassador for the Yoga Loft, it was awesome to see around 40 people come along and have a great afternoon.

I want to talk about my lift to get there, Kirralee was out so I caught a cab as she was picking me up straight after so we could have a night up at Nelson Bay. I love chatting to cabbies; they are always interesting and see a lot of Newcastle. This cabbie was from South Africa, been here 3 months and loves it. I asked what it was like in South Africa.  He said he wasn’t proud of his home country. Driving through Bar Beach on a beautiful sunny afternoon he pointed at all the beach goers flocking the footpaths, 'see all these people, walking around not a worry in the world, in South Africa you have to watch your back when you’re walking around' he said.

Wow!  It really made me think how lucky we all are to live here and how we take simple things like freedom for granted. With the new ANZAC walk and our ever improving coastal walk ways we have an absolute world class coastal line, something we can all be proud of. What’s better is we can all feel safe walking these parts, we live in a safe community and we all look out for each other. Next time you’re walking the coast or country, take it all in and have a moment to appreciate how lucky we all are. If you have not walked it lately, make time to go and enjoy what life is all about.