Jan Horsfall

Our mother (Jan Horsfall 1948-2019) recently passed away from a glioblastoma on January 25. She was diagnosed in Oct 2017 and fought bravely until the end.

She was a much loved member of the Alice Springs community with an amazing history of volunteer work in a wide range of activities such as Tennis, AFL, Motor Sports and the Cancer Foundation (bosom buddies as she survived breast cancer in 2008).

Some of her achievements are that she was the first women goal umpire in Australia for the AFL (NT) in the 1970's and even had photos taken with the Queen and Prince Phillip! She was also a life member of Tennis NT and previous President of the local 4wd club (also a life member), in which she supplied support work as a recovery/sweep driver annually for the Finke Desert Race in her much loved Troop Carrier.

She was an extremely strong and independent woman to have raised three boys by herself (to which I am the youngest) and always dealt with the hand she was given with grace and dignity.

She loved her cribbage (card game), which we also played on weekends over a cuppa, as she always kept a score card on the fridge. This is Maddy Calander's story about her dad resonated so much with me.

She is sorely missed and leaves behind an amazing legacy which we as her children (+ 2 grand children) will always look up to and respect.

Written by LukeĀ Horsfall (Jan's youngest son)

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