Jess's Story

In December 2020, the future was looking bright with a new engagement & a baby girl on the way. Everything was going smoothly until around 28 weeks of my pregnancy. I was experiencing left foot drop which was progressing to weakness of my left side.

After many doctor appointments, tests & MRIs it was confirmed that at 34 weeks, I had a grade 2/3 astrocytoma smack bang on my motor cortex affecting movement on the left side of my body. We were completely shocked and shattered by this diagnosis.

Just 10 days after delivering our daughter Lottie, I began my cancer treatment journey. Awake brain surgery, 6 weeks of radiation therapy, 12 months of chemotherapy and intense rehab to regain functionality on my left side, particularly learning to walk again. 

Over the past two years it’s been full of highs & lows & this diagnosis has turned our lives upside down. The loss of independence, hair loss, seizures & permanent physical deficits.

In saying that I would consider myself one of the lucky ones as I’m still here to tell my story with the hope of raising awareness and as much money as possible to fund further research. 

The ideal outcome would be to find a cure for this insidious disease. 

The uncertainty is hard to manage at times but I regularly remind myself there is no certainty with anything in life & we must enjoy each day with those we love. 

At this point my tumour is stable and I’m monitored with regular MRIs. The scan-xiety is REAL! 

My amazing fiancé (Merson) & I look forward to our wedding this December and raising our little girl with the hope of a cure for everyone affected. 



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