Mason's Story

Ten years ago, amidst the rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea, an enduring friendship was forged between Australian Army soldier Matthew and PNG soldier Mason. Their bond, emblematic of the spirit of Kokoda itself, epitomized mateship and the unbreakable ties between soldiers.

Years passed, and Mason faced a daunting battle as he was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour. The only neurosurgeon in PNG couldn’t do the surgery as there wasn’t the right equipment, and contacts in Singapore quoted the operation at around $100,000 AUD.

Back home, Matthew noticed on social media that something wasn’t right with Mason. He could tell he was off work from the army and fundraising for a cancer operation. Once he finally chatted to Mason and heard his devastating news, Matt started researching with his mum Roslyn, who is a clinical nurse consultant, and ended up securing treatment for Mason through Dr Christie at the John Hunter Hospital and within days we was being operated on in Newcastle.

Within days, Mason found himself under the skilled hands of Dr Christie in Newcastle, Australia, where the tumour was removed, and his life saved. Roslyn and her husband, Tony took Mason into their care, earning the titles of "Mum and Dad" as they nurtured him back to health.

Following surgery, Mason bravely endured chemotherapy and radiation, supported by the MHF Brain Cancer Care coordinators, Sandy and Alisha. Despite the challenges, Mason's spirit remained unbroken. Five years later, he emerged victorious, returning to work in the army and celebrating the arrival of his newborn son, Ethan, with his wife, Mcdlain.

Now, as Mason prepares to embark on the Kokoda trek, his journey comes full circle. Supported by the very nurses who once tended to him, Mason's presence is a testament to resilience and the enduring power of friendship. It's a journey that promises to be emotional, inspiring, and life-changing for all involved.


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