A thank you from Mark

Ten years ago I had never heard of brain cancer. I didn’t know anything about it or know anyone affected by it. The facts are that brain cancer kills more people under 40 than any other cancer and is the biggest killer of children under 10. Shocking isn’t it!

Today, as a brain cancer survivor myself and having met hundreds of people that either have brain cancer or are the ones left behind, I have real hope for the future because so many generous and kind people like yourself have come together with a common goal to fight brain cancer.

Your decision to support the Mark Hughes Foundation has enabled us to raise 4 million dollars during the 2022 Beanie for Brain Cancer Campaign, and for that I say a big heartfelt thank you.  

It means the world to both myself, my family and other brain cancer patients that you have chosen to support MHF by either buying a beanie, holding a beanie fundraiser or donating money to raise funds for research into brain cancer and patient care.

Download your thank you certificate now!

Personalise your own thank you certificate to display in your workplace, club or home. Share with your your friends, family, staff members and all that have supported us.

It’s only through the hardest times in your life that the greatest achievements happen and the new Mark Hughes Foundation Centre for Brain Cancer Research at The University of Newcastle, announced last month, is one of those achievements we can all celebrate. This Centre will bring together the best experts in the field of brain cancer and help change the lives of patients diagnosed with brain cancer each year. The $25 million Centre will intensify Australia’s brain cancer research efforts and allow us to collectively work harder than ever before to bring help and hope to patients and their families.

I am so excited to have Professor Michael Fay as the Foundation MHF Chair in Brain Cancer and Director of Mark Hughes Foundation Centre for Brain Cancer Research. Having worked in more than 30 hospitals across five countries in both the public and private health sector and industry, Professor Fay’s experience, leadership and commitment to brain cancer research will ensure the success of the new Centre.

Cassandra Griffin is our Research Manager at the MHF Brain Cancer Biobank. This role means she is dealing with brain cancer patients and their loved ones, as they contemplate end of life and what that means for them. Cassandra featured on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair with Bill Williams and Mel Finlay who shared the tragic but inspirational story of 26 year old Lisa Williams, who’s selfless gift to donate her brain has enabled greater research into the disease and left a lasting legacy. Its act like this that bring us closer to a cure.

Forever grateful for your support,

Mark Hughes



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