NRL community unites for Beanie for Brain Cancer Round

Kelsey Hogan | NRL Reporter

If there’s one thing the annual Beanies for Brain Cancer Round gives every NRL fan, it’s perspective.

At a time when wins and losses are paramount, the much-celebrated round in support of the Mark Hughes Foundation and its founder, who played 161 games for the Knights before being diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013, takes on a pivotal and poignant role as one of the most important dates on the rugby league calendar.

Today's official launch saw hundreds of rugby league luminaries, athletes, cancer survivors and more walk to the Sydney Opera House. A group of 45 trekkers will continue further, walking 150km to Newcastle ahead of Friday's game between the Knights and Titans in support and promotion of the round. 

“From wondering whether the idea of Beanies for Brain Cancer could work eight years ago to being here today is pretty amazing,” Hughes told during the first leg of ‘The Big Three’ trek from NRL HQ to the Sydney Opera House

Read more & watch a clip from the day here.

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