Brain Cancer Biobank

  • 23 May 2019

We’ve lost some amazing people way too early to brain cancer. Many of them, and their families, felt it is was important that they donated their brain tissue to the Brain Cancer Biobank so that, through research, their donation could one day make a difference to others suffering from the disease. That’s why talking to family members about your wishes for tissue and organ donation is vitally important.

Here at the MHF we are very proud of the work of the Brain Cancer Biobank explained here by Biobank Manager, Cassandra Griffin.

Thanks to the generous support of the Mark Hughes Foundation, Hunter Cancer Biobank have established an invaluable brain donation program which is now being recognised at an international forum. 

The program is one of the first of its kind in Australia and works closely with volunteer patients with brain cancer and their families to facilitate tissue donations once patients have passed away.

Inspired by one very special patient, and her wishes, we have been operating since 2017 and have since received post-mortem tissue donations from 12 patients.

In late 2018, the team at HCB facilitated a donation from northern NSW, a task that required exceptional teamwork from members of HCB, the local health district, rural health services and state-wide patient transport services - demonstrating a shared commitment to the fight against brain cancer.

I have recently attended a Biobanking conference in China to share our experiences as we continue our commitment to carry out patients wishes ensuring that brain cancer researchers have access to the highest quality tissue, together with the establishment of a logistically challenging service.

Our hopes are that through sharing our achievements and experiences we can assist with the establishment of similar programs and continue to move closer to better treatments and a ultimately a cure for brain cancer.