New Car for our Brain Cancer Care Coordinators

  • By MHF
  • 6 August 2020

Oh What a Feeling2

In November 2019 we were extremely fortunate to receive a grant through the federal Government’s  Stronger Communities program administered through  our local Federal MP Sharon Claydon. We were excited to hear that we would receive $10,500 toward a car for our two Brain Cancer Care Coordinators (BCCC’s).

In March we were also awarded another $15,000 for our BCCC’s car from the “Building Community Partnerships Program” administered through our local State MP, Tim Crakanthorp.

What a fabulous outcome with both our State and Federal members supporting the Foundation and the work of our brain cancer nurses.  We could not have achieved this outcome without their combined support.

We called the project “Connecting Brain Cancer Care Coordinators with Patients: Cars for Carers”

Having a dedicated vehicle means that BCCC’s can see more patients, expand their service, respond more quickly and reliably, visit patients out of normal work hours if required.

BCCC’s support patients and families from diagnosis, through treatment, to discharge or end-of-life care. Their role is to provide patient-centred care, advocacy, clinical advice, education, support, assess needs, make appropriate referrals and essentially bridge the gap between the patient and their specialists ensuring that complex needs of patients and their families are effectively managed.

Demand is growing and connecting BCCC’s to patients is critical. You can see how important these nurses are to the patients and their families in these stories.

We have now purchased a car and were lucky to have the brand new Toyota Corolla Hatch provided by Kim Burton and the Team at Burton Automotive Group  at a substantial discount.  The Burton Family has been supporting the community for over 50 years and the MHF for many years now and thank Kim and his team for their continued support.

Our nurses are now on the road visiting and supporting more people.

This project shows the power of collaboration at the Federal, State and business level that can make a real difference on the ground and to the lives of those impacted by brain cancer. It is important to note that without being awarded the grants and receiving amazing community support, we wouldn't have been able to purchase our BCCC's a new car to help them expand their support to patients when they need it the most! Thanks go to Tim Crakanthorp MP, Sharon Claydon MP and Kim Burton from the Burton Automotive Group for helping make a difference.

BCCC Nurses square