Use your phone for good!

  • 3 July 2019

Now it's easier than ever to join our quest to defeat brain cancer. Simply text "BEANIE" to 199 88 211 to make a $5 donation!

Yep, it's that easy - the $5.00 will appear on your next mobile phone bill.
It won't work for everyone - just Australian residents on eligible plans with Telstra and Vodafone (currently not available on Optus) and if you're under 18 you need  your parent or guardian's permission to donate. 

You can check out the frequently asked questions below, or call our SMS Helpline on 1300 783 035. 

It might seem like a small amount of money but lots of $5 donations together can make a big difference!

It could help a researcher make an important discovery in the diagnosis or treatment of brain cancer. It could pay for a Brain Cancer Care Nurse who gently takes loved ones through the scary maze of brain cancer and advocates for the patient. It could extend the life of someone you love.

Every donation counts! So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Together we're tackling brain cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to send a text message (SMS) to the 19 donation number and it’s not sending.  How do I fix this?  Do I get any confirmation that my SMS donation has been received? If your text message (SMS) was received you will receive a text message reply with 'Thanks for your gift’ in it - this is confirmation that your SMS was received. If you do not get this response, or you get an error message stating the number is unavailable/insufficient funds/message not sent etc, this happens when you do not have premium services enabled on your phone. To fix this, call your phone carrier (E.g. Telstra, Vodafone etc) and ask them if they offer this service and to enable premium services. When your carrier has confirmed that premium services are enabled please try texting again. Please note that not all carriers offer the Text to Donate service.

How much does it cost to donate? Donations are $5.00 per SMS you send. 

How do I pay? The $5.00 donation will appear on your mobile phone bill.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. All charities using the Text Giving platform are required to have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, so $5.00 donations made via SMS are tax deductible.

How do I get my Tax receipt for my donation? The return SMS that you receive upon making your donation is your receipt.  Keep this for Tax purposes.  If you lose your text receipt, you’ll need to contact the charity that you donated to and they will assist in re-issuing your receipt. 

How much of my $5.00 donation goes to the charity? 100% of your donation goes to the charity. All participating telecommunications companies have waived all fees for the use of this service.

Is this a subscription service? No, each SMS donation you send is a one off charge.  There are no ongoing charges associated with this service.

Is there a maximum amount I can donate each month? Depending on your phone carrier there are restrictions on how much you can donate per month. Typically it is capped at $200 per month, but check with your carrier for your own billing allowances. You can only donate $5.00 at a time. To donate more than $5.00, you’ll need to SMS multiple times to the charity’s ‘19’ number. You’ll get an SMS notification from your carrier when your PSMS donations have reached $30 for the month.

I don’t have a mobile phone, only a landline.  Can I still donate? Unfortunately the ability to donate $5.00 is only available by SMS.

I have a question that I can’t find an answer for in these FAQs. Who can I call to ask? You can call the Ansible helpline on 1300 783 035.

Terms and Conditions

1. Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) Premium SMS (PSMS) Text Giving is open to users who are connected to the Telstra and Vodafone mobile digital networks and participating service provider customers with SMS compatible mobile digital phones in Australia and a service enabled for Premium SMS. Currently not available on Optus.
2. Donations are made via Premium SMS, and may not be available from all services. 
3. To participate in MHF Beanie for Brain Cancer Text Giving, text the word "Beanie" from your mobile handset to 199 88 211  prior to 30/06/2020.
4. Persons under 18 years of age must have bill payer’s, parent or guardian permission to donate.
5. Your carrier will charge you for any PSMS text message you send to the Service. The charge your carrier will charge you for a PSMS text message you send to participate in the Service is $5.00. This is a once off charge per SMS.  This is not an ongoing charge.
6. MHF may keep you updated by phone and will always give you the chance to opt-out of communications. However, if you would rather not receive such information, please phone our Helpline 1300 783 035.
7. You must ensure that all care is taken when sending messages to the PSMS services. It is your responsibility to ensure that you SMS the correct number and provide the correct information to donate. MHF and the PSMS service provider will not be liable for costs incurred, responses received or any other consequences of user error.
8. If for any reason the Service is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of MHF which corrupt or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Service, then MHF may suspend or end the Service.
9. All PSMS entries are deemed to be received at the time of receipt into the Service database NOT time of transmission by the donor.
10. The MHF is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft, destruction or unauthorised access to, or alteration of responses occurring in relation to the conduct of the Service. Additionally, MHF accepts no responsibility for any PSMS text message not received by MHF or delays in the delivery of the PSMS text message due to technical disruptions or for any other reason including, without limitation, any failure or delay by a carriage service provider in delivery of any PSMS text message sent by you in relation to the Service.
11. You must not send any defamatory, obscene, offensive or otherwise illegal text message to the MHF PSMS Text Giving Service.
12. The charges for all PSMS Services will appear on your next mobile telephone bill, or deducted from your pre-paid balance. All queries relating to mobile telephone bills should be directed to your mobile phone carrier.
13. By donating via Text Giving, you consent to MHF collecting your personal information for the purpose of conducting theCampaign and promoting MHF. This information may be disclosed to a third party as a result of donating, including Ansible Pty Ltd and the Telco Together Foundation for the purpose of conducting the PSMS Text Giving Service and measuring its success. 
14. For further enquiries, complaints, or to Unsubscribe from marketing, please contact MHF Customer Service on 1300 783 035.

Your $5.00 donation will appear on your mobile phone bill or usage history. Charity donations via PSMS are available on eligible plans and services only. Currently not available on Optus.
Persons under the age of 18 years of age must have billpayer’s/parent/guardian permission to donate.

We may keep you updated by phone and will always give you the chance to opt out from our communications. However, if you would rather not receive such information, please email us at [email protected] or phone our supporter hotline on 1300 783 035. 

Contact the Premium SMS Helpline: Helpline:  1300 783 035