The Survivorship Diary

We are extremely proud to partner with the Peace of Mind Foundation to fund the production and distribution of The Survivorship Diary in loving memory of Cass Bennett. 

The Survivorship Diary, a free resource for brain cancer patients and their families designed for patients, by a patient. 

Cassandra Bennett was a mother, wife, daughter, athlete and accountant. In July 2018, at the age of 38, Cass was diagnosed with a Grade 2 astrocytoma, a slower growing, but intrusive brain tumour.

Together Cass and friend, Ana have built this diary to help patients and their families manage the various stages of treatment and to assist the many questions and challenges patients have as they learn to live with the disease.

This could be the hardest thing you have ever endured, but being organised and having a guide to navigating treatment will help you manage yourself and your health during this confusing time.

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The Survivorship Diary

survivorship diary