Andrew Lopresti's Story

Andrew was only 45, fit and in amazing physical shape as our GP put it, he had the physique of a 25 year old. To be then told he only had months to live was a concept we had trouble understanding. Andrew was diagnosed with the most common and aggressive of all brain cancers a GBM.

There was no cure and the only road we could take was to make him as comfortable as possible. Everything we knew was taken away from us. The GBM made sure we felt robbed. My beautiful husband was unable to drive or continue to work as a truck driver. He was unable to look after our children without supervision, as the location of the GBM affected his moods his personality and everything that made Andrew - Andrew.
Seeing our beautiful brave husband and father become someone we no longer recognised was unbearably heartbreaking. The chemotherapy only caused the tumour to grow and within six months all treatment was ceased, taking every little bit of hope with it. Telling our children that Daddy was terminal was the hardest thing I have ever done. I literally heard my children’s hearts breaking and there was nothing I could do.
We kept Andrew at home, until he moved to palliative end of life care to which I moved with him. My parents retired and looked after our children so I could put all my time and energy into making Andrew comfortable. We lost our brave warrior 10 months after his diagnosis and every year we donate to Dr Charlie Teo in the hope that no one else goes through what we have.

Four years on, we miss our Andrew more than ever and we wish more than anything a cure is found or at least different treatments to prolong a patients life or give hope when Andrew didn’t have any.

Written by Christina Lopresti (Andrew's wife)

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