Chris Hetherington

After several scans in 2015, we received the worst news anyone could every imagine about our beloved father “Chris Hetherington”. Doctors were certain that the tumor was a Glioblastoma. After an biopsy and debulking of Dads tumor we were told it was grade 4 gbm. Of course like any daughter would do, I just broke down into a million pieces… how? Why him? Dad was lucky enough to get roughly 20 months after being told it would only be 6 months. We sadly lost our father to this cruel disease in June 2017. He fought so hard, it was so hard to walk me down the isle in September 2016. My father will be remembered as a hero, one that helped many people himself. I will continue in his footsteps and support the Mark Hughes Foundation through donations, promoting beanie sales and raising awareness. It means the world to me to be a reason a cure for brain cancer is discovered. I only hope that one day there will be more alternatives even to help extend time with our loved ones. With such caring and generous people I know in my heart there will be a cure one day, we just need to dig deep, together. Every cent counts. By Jess Annetts