2022 Beanies On Sale Now!

Get your beanie on because we're all "Beanieficiaries"!

We're super proud to announce that our new "Beanieficiary" Beanie for Brain Cancer Campaign kicks off today and our gorgeous new 2022 beanies are now on sale while stocks last!

The MHF team have been busy working on the new 2022 beanies since way back in September last year so we're super excited to finally launch, introduce you to some very special Beanieficiaries and continue to tackle brain cancer - head on!

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What’s a "Beanieficiary"?

Glad you asked! Well this year we thought we’d get back to basics and remind ourselves why we started selling a few beanies back in 2014. After googling the statistics on brain cancer (which, by the way, I will never ever do again) we realised how underfunded and under researched brain cancer was and we wanted to make a difference! So, while still going through chemotherapy, my wife Kirralee and I backed ourselves, ordered 5000 beanies to sell and raised an impressive $30,000!

Eight years on we have now sold over 800,000 beanies, raised over $24 million and invested millions into research programs! The numbers may have changed but the WHY is still the same –we desperately need to help find a cure for brain cancer! And whether you realise it or not - we are all beneficiaries of these funds!

A "Beanieficiary" - put simply, is someone who benefits from these little beanies whether that be today, tomorrow or generations from now.

Every cent raised from the sale of MHF beanies goes towards research into brain cancer and the treatment and care of brain cancer patients. The more money we can inject into research programs now means better diagnostics, more treatment options and ultimately a cure for brain cancer. These very beanies not only help patients battling brain cancer today - but they give hope for brain cancer patients of the future. It may not be you that needs a cure - but sadly, it could be your parent, sibling, your uncle, your friend, your future child or great grandchild. We all benefit from these little beanies – and our hope for the future is that no one has to go through this battle that is brain cancer.

So please, buy a beanie, organise your own beanie fundraiser, get along to an NRL beanie round game and help us tackle brain cancer!


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Multi Coloured Beanie

Our banded beanie is snuggly and inviting! The tritone knit features a wide trim emblazoned with script to proudly show your support and combines peach and caramel bands with a soft, pink marshmallow trim and pom pom.

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Tan Beanie

This all-rounder is double-layered rib stitch in creamy latte boasting chocolate coloured MHF embroidery on the wide trim to show your support.

Live for Liv Scarf

This is much more than a scarf. It’s a special gift that saves lives, inspires us and wraps us in love.

What looks like a beautiful fashion statement is actually a symbol of hope and one very special girl’s dream to raise awareness and funds to research the disease that ultimately took her young life. Brain Cancer.

The Live for Liv scarf has the softness, beauty and light of Olivia within its threads.

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What is a “Beanieficiary”?

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