Caring for the Carer

carerwell logoWhen someone you love is diagnosed with brain cancer your world is turned upside down. There’s so much to process and it impacts everyone in your circle. 

For those who are caring for a person with brain cancer, there’s an extra level of pressure. Staying strong and supportive for your loved one can take its own toll - and it’s hard to ask for help when you know that they are going through such a tough time. That is why the Mark Hughes Foundation have funded this supportive cancer care project.

The CarerWell website and program has been created by mental health professionals and researchers from the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), with the support of an Innovation Grant from the Mark Hughes Foundation.


What do we mean by Supporter?

CarerWell is for anyone supporting and helping someone with brain cancer. It is also for those who are caring for a friend or family member who may not be a close loved one. While various terms are used throughout the website and program, CarerWell recognises that each situation is unique.


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The CarerWell app is now available on the Apple and Google Play stores. Click the links below to download.

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