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To date, in our fight against brain cancer, the Foundation has raised over $20 million funded a Brain Cancer Biobank, Travel Grants Program, 10 research projects (including 2 Fellowships) and multiple Brain Cancer Care Coordinators! Here is where we can show you the results of that funding. Drop in here from time to time to see how your donations do make a difference. Together we can tackle brain cancer!

Banking on National Approach for Brain Cancer Research Register

Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) is spreading its funding wings nation-wide with a new grant for Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA)...

An update from Demi Lund about our Brain Cancer BioBank

Our biobank contains tissue and blood samples donated by generous people who are undergoing a diagnosis and treatment for brain...

Vive Howell's Report from her Inaugural International Cancer Conference

Read about Vive Howell's report from her inaugural international cancer conference, funded by MHF travel grants.

From Professor Nilsson

Research Program has focused its recent efforts on the development of small molecules (new drug therapies), sensitising brain cancer cells...